In order to provide you with high quality jewels, I chose a cutting-edge digital manufacturer to print my designs.

    Founded in 2007, Shapeways is a proven leader in 3D Printing solutions. This company prints and sends my creations from the USA or Europe depending on your location.

    A collection of 3D printed steel pendants

    Swirl Collection

    The Swirl collection evokes spirals in motion. Made with an innovative material, the jewel is printed with stainless steel powder and then infused with bronze.


    The final product is made of 60% steel and 40% bronze. Printed layers remain visible on the steel jewels, giving the piece a particular texture and a unique surface relief. Each jewel is therefore unique.

    3d printed steel pendant and earring - gold plated

    From the setting up to the finishing, 3D printing involves different stages requiring meticulous manual intervention. Each jewel is made-to-order and as for traditional fabrication it takes time.

    Secure purchase and shipment to 130 countries.

    Select your country and currency at the bottom of the Shapeways page.

    3D printed steel earring - gold plated
    4 pictures of 3D printed steel pendants and jewelry

    Lace Collection

    Inspired by French Lace, the surfaces are perforated with holes in different shapes and sizes to create a precious pattern.

    These jewels are made of sterling silver or of gold plated brass (or of solid gold on demand). The piece is 3D printed in wax. Then, the traditional lost-wax casting process is used to pour the metal.

    These jewels are made to order. Once the piece is 3D printed in wax, it is sent to the foundry. The jewel is then hand polished (and plated based on your choice of finish).